We build a race car.

Each year the University of Waterloo Formula Motorsports team (UWFM) designs, builds, tests and competes with an open-wheel formula-style race car. We compete in the Formula SAE Series, attending events across North America and occasionally in Europe.

We are all students at the University of Waterloo.

Work on the car is completely extra-curricular. While it may not contribute directly to our grades, it is often a direct application of what we study in class, on top of being a source for life experience and skills that classes alone won’t teach us.

We have 6 subteams.

Aerodynamics, Business, Chassis, Electronics, Powertrain and Suspension, each specialize in their particular area of the car.

We are entirely funded by sponsors.

Our team wouldn’t exist without support from sponsors. Most (if not all) teams raise and manage their own funds to get their car built. Therefore most teams have an established sponsorship program, getting industry professionals and companies to donate cash, infrastructure, services or even their technical expertise to the team - hence the company decals on the car.

Why we do it.

The knowledge and experience you gain from a venture of this scope is a vast expansion on what is learned in class. With UWFM you’re placed into an empowering environment where you have the freedom to develop skills and practical knowledge while using tools and industry-applicable software. Applying these abilities, we then produce a real, tangible product where each of us had an impact on the final synthesis of the project.

With this team you learn something new everyday, and through it all you get to learn about everything that goes into a project of this nature, preparing you for your future. You don’t have to work in professional racing for this to be a useful skill in life.

The 2018 UWFM team at the UofT Shootout in 2018

The 1987 team and first car

The 2017 UWFM team at FSAE Michigan