We build a race car.

The University of Waterloo Formula Motorsports team (UWFM) designs, builds, tests and competes with an open-wheel formula-style race car. We compete in the Formula SAE Series, across North America and occasionally in Europe.

We are all students at the University of Waterloo.

Work on the car is completely extra-curricular. While it may not contribute directly to our grades, it is often a direct application of what we study in class, on top of being a source for life experience and skills that classes alone wont teach us.

We like doing.

The team (and competition) are built around action. If you want to achieve something, you make the effort to go out and achieve it. We like inculcating a spirit of curiosity and ambition.  You don't have to work in professional racing for this to be a useful skill in life.

We compete in Formula SAE.

New car built every year, annual competitions across North America and occasionally Europe. 

We have 6 sub teams.

Aerodynamics, Business, Chassis, Electronics, Powertrain and Suspension, each specialize in their particular area of the car.

2017 Michigan Formula SAE

2017 Michigan Formula SAE

The 1987 team and first car

The 1987 team and first car