Need reasons to join us?

UW Formula Motorsports builds a new race car every year. In case that isn't enough to convince you to join us, here's a few reasons:

1. It’s a highly engaging design project
You'll learn how to design real solutions to real problems on a real car. Then you'll build them, test them, go back to the drawing board and repeat. You'll learn technical skills that are at par with 4th year co-op terms, with the freedom to innovate that you won't get in a workplace until several years after you graduate.

2. There's something in it for everyone
It isn't just engineering. Our sponsorship, marketing, and operations are all handled by the team. No matter what your background is, there is room for the skillset you bring with you, and there are avenues for you to get the skills that you want.

3. The biggest lessons you learn may not be on the race car
Sure, we build a race car. But more importantly, you're building something on time, on a budget, with other humans, while completing a university degree, possibly with co-op. You'll learn to communicate effectively, manage your time, manage your system's resources, pitch an idea to a sponsor, make decisions with very little existing information, research areas that don't have data online - all skills that will apply directly to the real world.

4. Its probably the best thing you'll do in university
You're going to make friends that last you a lifetime, getting your hands dirty, making something that represents your university internationally. 

5. The race car's worth it too
It goes fast (0-100 km/h in 3.5s) and it represents UWaterloo at Formula SAE events across North America. The car can stand 2G laterally, and is a scary beast to drive for many new drivers.

The 2017 car going through the endurance event at FSAE Michigan

What we expect from you

We strongly believe that the most important things you can bring to the team is passion and a willingness to learn. Whether you've worked in an auto-shop all your life or never touched a wrench, whether you've fund-raised several campaigns or have no idea how sponsorship works, it does not matter. What matters is how quickly you are able to learn and contribute to the team. This project will have things to teach you whether you're in first year or fourth year, so it is extremely important that you never stop asking questions. If you get stuck, ask us. Took up too much or too little work? Tell us. We're a team. Your success is the team's success.

Where to meet us

Come out to General Meetings, every Monday at 7pm in E5-2004. Or send us an email if you have any questions!